Is radeon HD5750 worth the higer cosnt than the HD4670?

I would like some opinions in whether its worth spending the extra on the HD5750 over the HD4670 (which is well priced).
I have a 24 inch monitor at 1900x1200 and will do photo editing withe photoshop CS4 and maybe play the occasional game. WIll the HD4670 do the job??
I'd like to hear from those who have used or use these cards.
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    For photoshop and editing the 4670 is a perfect card. However, for gaming the 5750 will perform FAR better. Just make sure your power supply meets the requirements. My thought would be if you intend to do ANY gaming, the 5750 is what you want. A year or so ago if you asked the same question I would say the 4670 is nice if you intend to do occasional gaming, however, the times change and it is a last gen card.
  2. I have the 5750. As far as I'm concerned, the 5750 screams gaming value. I also use Photoshop and Illustrator CS4, and I have to say that everything has been going smooth. Moving around is silky smooth, as is zooming in or out. At 1920x1200, I would suggest you get the 5750. It clocks down massively in desktop idle mode, even with Aero enabled, consuming as little as 16W. When you're running the GPU intensive tasks such as Photoshop and games, it runs like a champ. MW2 runs around 70+ FPS at 1920x1080 with 4xAA and everything set to highest. ME runs around 55 FPS at 1920x1080 with everything maxed out. Just for reference.
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  4. Thanks. I would like the option ofr some gaming so it looks luike the HD5750 is the one. Does it matter which make?
    Last Q: Do I need a 1GB card or is 512MB sufficient?
  5. 512MB will probably choke at 1920x1200 with antialiasing enabled. Get the 1GB version if you can. It doesn't matter which vendor you get it from. They are basically the same GPU under the hood.
  6. What is the difference between these two Sapphire cards one $148 the other $174. They seem to have the same specs
  7. The other one is a Vapor-X labeled card. It's factory overclocked, and it has a special cooler. I'm sure it's not worth the extra $26. Get the $148 one.
  8. Thank You! I think my problem is solved
  9. Now I just hope the 550W power supply I will be getting is sufficient.
  10. lfforte said:
    Now I just hope the 550W power supply I will be getting is sufficient.

    The 5750 will EASILY run off a 550w. You can even run it off a 400W if it is a GOOD quality one like a corsair or similar with a 6 pin.
  11. why not get a 5770, i would never recommend the 5750 over 5770 because the price difference between the 2 are not so much and the 5770 performs a fair bit better. just my 2 cents :)
  12. Wow, looks like the bumped up the prices of all the 5700's in the last day. I'm going to agree with Derbixrace though. The average price difference between 5750 and 5770 models is only ~$15.

    You asked about Photoshop though and the 5000 series lacks 2D acceleration under Windows 7 right now until the 10.4 drivers come out around a month from now. If you want great 2D performance now the 4670 is a nice cheap way to go. If you plan on the occasional game however that's not a great card at all. Consider bumping up to the 4850.

    If you want to hang on to this card for a while though I'd seriously consider bumping up to the 5770 if you can live with it not being all that great in Photoshop until AMD gets their drivers straight. I think turning off Aero Glass is the current work around to force it back into older 2D accelerated rendering until Catalyst 10.4 arrives.
  13. If HD 5750 is not that great with Photoshop them I'm not interested. I want it primarily for photoshop (occasinal game only)
  14. I menat HD 5770
  15. You should go ahead and read this article about 2D acceleration. It explains what the current problems are with the ATI 5000 series and Windows 2D rendering. The problems are supposed to be fixed in next months Catalyst 10.4 release but we won't know how much of an improvement it will be until we get at least a beta release.
  16. What exactly does it mean (the 2D acceleration problems)? Will it not work with Photoshop?
  17. It will work with Photoshop. This is coming from someone who owns a 5700 series card. However, you will encounter performance issues when working with large (say, 5000x3000 300DPI) images and Photoshop. The problem arises even in Illustrator. Type takes so long to update and get displayed. Moving things around onscreen is kinda sluggish at high resolutions, too. But I'll wait and see how ATI fixes things with their next driver.
  18. Have you considered the 5670? About the same as an 8800GT for gaming performance and alot cheaper.
  19. Unworldlyfriend said:
    Have you considered the 5670? About the same as an 8800GT for gaming performance and alot cheaper.

    At 1920x1200, it might not be a good choice. The 5700/5800 series are better.
  20. I dont need a high end graphics card. Its more money than I need to spend. I am not interested in games and overclocking.
  21. You did say occasional gaming in your first post.

    Since your primary purpose will be photo editing, here are your choices: You can screw the 5 series because of the 2D problems, or you can wait until ATI releases a fix that enables the 5 series to work with GDI (2D) commands. If you go with the first choice, then get the 4670. Otherwise, get the 5670. Obviously, the performance of the 5670 will eclipse that of the 4670 once ATI fixes the 2D/5xxx series issue, but if the need is great, you can do without it, since you can probably upgrade a cheapo video card faster than a more expensive one.
  22. I did say occasional gaming but its not a priority. Do you have problems with the Sapphire raeon HD 5750? ATI has to come up with a fix.
  23. No, I don't. To be specific, the "problem" that ATI has with 2D acceleration is that they didn't implement it properly. Performance is supposedly reduced, but it still exists. You will only encounter it at high resolutions. Dragging things around will take a long time to update, type takes long to display, and other things. However, it still works. With a fix, I'm sure everything will work fine.

    When I work with 5000x3000 files, and I drag something that takes up about 20% of the canvas's space, it takes a long time to display the new location of the object. That is the symptom of little 2D performance.
  24. Get the 5770, or the 4650, or the 4850 depending on budget.

    Both the 5750 and 5670 still have trouble with some non-gaming tasks.

    The 4850 is fast and cheap, and the 4650 is just relay cheap.

    The 5770 is fast, to the point where it can do almost anything except gaming perfectly.
  25. It looks like the HD 4850 is a decent card for a better price than HD5750 or HD5770.
    From what I read I dont need directX 11 or eyeinfinity. The HD 5750 is not that much more($20-$30). I am more concerned about quality oif the card than extra speed.
    I have a 7 year old Sapphire radeon 9200 card and have not had any problems.
  26. How about this card?? It looks good and got good reviews at newegg.
  27. about as powerful as a 5750 but without dx11. probably a good choice if you do not care about dx11.
  28. Also a steal of a deal - the same Sapphire HD4850 used in the $750 SBM machine is now only $84.99 w/ Promo code VGA3171 through the 24th.
  29. Thanks. Unfortunately I cant order from since I'm from Canada. I have to order from and they dont have any such deals.
  30. Bummer... Here's the same 4850 from, though:

    I've found Direct Canada ( to have excellent prices. Can find stuff there that's actually a lot cheaper than Newegg.
  31. The GTS 250 is a better idea.

    (Cheaper, Same speed or faster)
  32. Is the GTS 250 comparable to the radeon HD 4850?
  33. Yeh, but the GTS 250 is a little faster/the same.

    The GTS 250 is made by a compay called Nvidia.

    Right now Nvidia blows, and then only have 1 product that's better than ATI at the same price, the GTS 250.
  34. Epic fail.
  35. 4770 would have been a good buy over the weekend when it was $90. Now that it's back up to $120, it's not.
  36. Stick to the GTS 250.
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