Recomended PSU for Overclocked I5 & crossfire 5870's

Ive recently started building my new Gaming rig and have gotten hung up on the PSU. I plan on overclocking my I5 and eventually getting a second 5870 to set up crossfire so i wasnt sure if i should get a PSU larger than the recomended 750 watts. The manufacturer recomended 600watts, but in the tomshardware reference guide they said 750 and I want sure if that number applied if you were going to O.C. Im a Noob at all this so bear with me. Thanks for the help.
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  1. The Power Supply Requirement for a system with two 5870 in CF is 600 Watt and four 6-pin PCIe connectors.

    Here you have some quality PSUs:

    ANTEC TruePower New 650W (by Seasonic) (modular)
    CORSAIR TX750 750W (by CWT)
    CORSAIR HX650W (by Seasonic) (modular)
    ENERMAX LibertyEcoII (ELT620AWT-ECO II) 620W (modular)
    ENERMAX Pro82+ II (EPR625AWT II) 625W
    ENERMAX Modu82+ II (EMD625AWT II) 625W (modular)
    ENERMAX Pro87+ (EPG600AWT) 600W
    ENERMAX Modu87+ (EMG700AWT) 600W (modular)
    SEASONIC X-650 650W (modular)
    THERMALTAKE Thoughpower XT (TPX-675M) 675W (by CWT) (modular)
    SAPPHIRE FirePSU 625W (by Enermax) (modular)
    SILVERSTONE Decathlon DA700 (by Impervio) (modular)
  2. All very good PSU suggestions, however I'd feel more comfortable with a bit of breathing space, especially as PSUs are at their most efficient between 50% and 80%

    I'd look at the 750W or 850W versions of those suggested PSUs.

    Also, Corsair have just released a Professional line of 80+ Gold PSUs (I'm getting the 850W model for my Crossfire 5780s and overclocked i7 980X or 970)
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