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I am thinking about purchasing a Thermaltake Armor+ which has gotten pretty great reviews all around. I know that Thermaltake sells this case with a pre-installed liquid cooling system itself, but I wanted to buy the case and custom install my own cooling system in it. I wanted to be able to utilize the space for their liquid cooling meaning I am unsure as to what will exactly fit in there. I am pretty new to liquid cooling and was looking for tips. In terms of budget, I am looking around 300-400 (maybe a little over if convinced enough!). I am planning to cool the CPU, the GPU (a EVGA GTX 480 ftw edition with built in water block), and possibly the chipset on the motherboard. Also, if another case mod suggestion is available I'd love to hear that as well!
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  1. You will have some trouble staying under $400 I think.

    Most large cases will easily fit everything except the radiator(s).

    This thread is pretty much how you would do it, with a few cost cutting measures thrown in for your build:

    Don't use coolant though. Distilled water plus some biocide.
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    1. The Thermaltake liquid cooling set up is completely cr@p. The case is pretty decent however.

    2. The CPU cooling alone will cost you ~$250 or so with top of the line stuff. About $150-200 for the GPU loop (assuming you'r using the built in block).

    3. WHY would you get the GTX480? Imo, it's over priced and runs too hot (with out WCing that is).

    4. Don't bother cooling the chip set,RAM,etc.

    5. Read:
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