Acer h233h display problems

my acer wide screen monitor does not display with equal height and width.
that is, when i draw a square with M$ paint, using the rectangle tool and the shift key, i get a shoebox-on-it's side image.

in normal usage, this means short stubby images... no tall skinny people.
it's not toooo bad; maybe 100 x 115 pixels ratio.

any thoughts?
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  1. double post..

    That display has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Go to your display properties and make sure this is the set resolution. It's probably not set correctly.
  2. jay...

    sounds right. i just brought in down to best buy and they hooked it up to a widescreen laptop, and NO problem. he said it was a 1440 x 900 rez. but i'm sure that is laptop speak for 1920 x 1080. now, the problem is my computer only goes to 1280 x 1024. do i need to download something, or am i doomed to another piece of hardware, like a graphics card?
  3. Checl your computer. if it has onboard graphics some of the older ones do have a limit on the resolution.
  4. no luck here, jay-2... the only board inside my computer is the ethernet board. maybe it's time for a new one! thanks for the knowledgable answer.
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    Yeah some of those older onboard integrated graphics did not support very high resolutions. What model machine is this? You can always get a run of the mill lowend card that will support that resolution if all you need it for is desktop apps.
  6. I don't know if it's a Dell or Gateway; I do know it's a 'Series E' P4, 2.4G, bought secondhand from an independent shop. It was from an industrial/telecom company's bank of units -- ethernet, yes; phone jack, no. i'll bring it back to where i got it (computer essentials, Bangor Maine), and have a grafix board put in, and another Gig of RAM at the same time. Jay-2, thanks for all your advice.
  7. No problem. Any lowend dedicated card should be fine. Some of the small shops though tend to inflate some of their cards and charge an install fee. These are easy to do yourself if you want to try your hand at it. We can get you to buy the right card.
  8. HAHAHA -- i don't dare! i trust rhese guys very much -- they've done right by me in the past many times.
  9. cocopuffed said:
    HAHAHA -- i don't dare! i trust rhese guys very much -- they've done right by me in the past many times.

    That's good to hear. I've heard so many bad stories its good to hear a good one.
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