OC XFX 7870 DD Ghz ED

New to the forum and OC anything

Second card XfX 7870 double d ghz edition

first one replaced because of a rattling fan and both of them crashes in game withing 5 -10 minutes when the core is set 1150Mhz. This is even with the memory left stock.

In Guild Wars 2 the screen will go blank for a sec come back on an I will get 15-20fps.

From what i'm reading most people are able to get this same card up to 1185 & 1350 stable without and voltage increase
and even worse on the XFX 7850 1gb Core Edition I have on my older comp I got the core up to 1050Mhz from 860Mhz 8 hours of gaming and it didn't have a single problem.

My system
Cpu: 3770k
Mobo: MSI Z77a-g45
Heatsink: CM hyper212+
Memory: 16gb Corsair Ven
Psu: XfX: 750pro XXX ed
Case Fans: 6 fans (not including the 2 on the heat sink)

And im running Windows 8 pro, the comp with the XfX 7850 is running Windows 7 -wonder if that has anything to do with it crashing is there any known AMD driver issues with windows 8- Last time while playing Sleeping Dogs it crashed and i got the error message "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

any help is much appreciated
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  1. if you are getting driver crashes you need to up the voltage, simple as that, however keep an eye on temps as you boost voltage, dont go near 85oC
  2. just tried the "unofficial overclock" access denied on any on c: drive. move it to d: and it let me save and i checked all the necessary boxes in setting but the voltage slider is still locked. core and memory have been increased though.

    another thing is that i can pass 15min burn in testing with furmark with the settings i'm trying for but cant play a game for more than 5 min with the same. And furmark stress the GPU way hard should it not

    If this is the case i might just return this one too just found out they have an updated version of this card out from at least last August seems to be based on the Black Edition. better cooling and PCB. -man feel ripped of just writing about it-

    can you suggest another 7870?

    was looking at the Gigabyte 7870 WindForce, but the other xfx7850 performed so well and this one did come with a transferable lifetime warranty. doubt the store has the updated one the last two i got was the first version
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