How much storage do I need.

I am going to be making a video log/documentary style movie of a month long trip. I was wondering how much space do I need, I am trying to keep a more portable case so it limits the amount of drives I can use but really any case with a handle preferably but anything that I can keep in a car from city to city and that I can get put on an airplane without damage would be fine (wrong category but if there is no problem suggestions would help :] ). I am expecting a total of around 1-2 hours per day being transferred onto the computer but then around a total end product of a 4-5 hour production so we will be cutting a lot of it near the end. It will be filmed in a 720p camera but it is nothing too fancy around a $500-$800 camera, and I am honestly not sure how much space it will take.

Thanks :D
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    Do you know what format you'll be recording in? The amount of space you'll need will depend on the encoding of the video.
    I recommend that you film 15 minutes or half an hour of video and then see how big the file is. This will eliminate encoding-based guesswork that may not turn out to be accurate. You should be able to easily extrapolate from there to gigabytes per hour, per day and for the entire trip.
  2. Ok thanks :) I do not know exactly the format but I know that an 30 min of 720 took 15GB so that should come out to a fitting on a 2TB hard drive. But I was also wondering if I should get four 1TB in RAID 10, 2 1TB in RAID 0, or 1 2TB drive. If you recommend RAID 10, should I get a RAID card or anything special, or can I just do a software RAID? For storage I have a 1K budget so I am not sure, anything left over would probably go to travel costs or just be saved for something else.
  3. I think two 2tb drives in RAID 1 would be the way to go. That'd just be redundancy in case one fails, which is fairly unlikely. You don't need speed-oriented RAID like RAID 0 or 10. Performance isn't really an issue here, as data can be written to the drive more quickly than you can record it.
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