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Hey Everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and currently I am running one external monitor and my laptop display as the extended display. I have recently ordered 2, 21.5" Dell monitors, and would like to set up my laptop so I have just the 2 dell monitors side by side, extended screen, with my laptop closed and tucked away. With a Latitude laptop it is pretty simple, you just plug it into a docking station and plug the monitors into the DVI ports. However, with my Inspiron there is no docking station and I was wondering if there is a way to do this. If I purchased a VGA splitter like the one below, plugged it in, and closed my laptop would it give me the option of running 2 monitors side by side, extended or will it only allow me to mirror the screen? Do I need to get a new video card?

Any insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think that only takes one input and makes it 2 the exact same, not extend your desktop.

    I really think you will need a docking station or port replicator of some kind.
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