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I have an acer5315. It says I have no hard disks installed. I've contacted Acer but have not recieved a response. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I also have an acer4620 that says I have no OS it's cd drive doesn't work I've tried alt f10 it but can't get anything to pop up. Any idea's on this one also?
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  1. 1: hard drive died? (can you test it in another pc?)
    1b: replace harddrive

    2: use a usb dvd drive to install a new OS. I suggest you fully format then test the harddrive first using a usb drive. You can use free testing software such as the ultimate boot cd.
  2. SATA mode set to AHCI in BIOS. You could either set is as IDE for compatibility or use the proper SATA AHCI drivers when asked to load drivers. Find the chipset your laptop has, download the proper driver, and use it to have your hdd recognized.
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