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Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my CPU to either a 555BE, 720BE, 965BE. I'm looking at the less cored CPUs due to price, if its necessary I may buy the 965. I'm planning to overclock these with a v8 but i do not understand how to unlock more cores. I'm using a M3A32 MVP Deluxe board.

Please let me know which i will benefit clockspeed vs the amount of cores.
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  1. Psycho is right. That tri core is great chip for the money. Btw, do not purchase 965be if you intend to, there is an exact same chip for 15 bucks less, 955BE. All you do raise the muliplier by 1 notch to match the speed of 965BE. Save 15 bucks for your other improvements.
  2. Hi.

    The 720BE is a very good CPU and can handle the games with very good performance but if u still want the quad core the 965 BE is an expensive option since the 955 BE is the same but with x16 multiplier or even the Phenom II X4 945 OC very good too and is more cheap that both 965 and 955.

    Now, if u want OC the V8 is a crap IMO get a better cooler like the CM Hyper 212+, Titan Fenrir, Megahalems, NH-D14 or check this page for know the best coolers.
  3. Go to, there has good price save your money.
  4. regarding whether you need a quad core for your gaming, it depends on the game. GTA4 and RTSs appreciate a lot of CPU grunt, most games don't YET but will soon.

    Don't buy a triple chip on the grounds that they can be unlocked. SOME can be unlocked. You won't get any sympathy if it doesn't. Now my recommendation...

    The Athlon X3 435 is a great CPU for the money, though the extra L3 of the Phenom X3 720 will help in gaming.

    In terms of quad cores, as stated, go 955 over 965.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. Like i said i want to buy whats best for my future. I don't care for the price but what ever is the best value that will help gaming in the future. I do play SC2 probably my favorite game but that's the only RTS that i play. So i see that the 555 is out of the question. So either the 720 BE or the 955 BE. I only wanted to v8 because i saw some reviews. Which would be the best cooler for the value of course. I am willing to pay more for the quality though.
  6. So I'm deciding to buy a 940 because I plan to overclock it so 3.6 to 3.8 is not bad saving 40-60 dollars? I'll upgrade the heatsink in the future when i need higher clock speeds (than 3.0), I want to future proof my system. I won't be buying it anytime soon though at least a few weeks, Any comments if i shouldn't buy it please let me know! Please recommend a great overclocking fan/heatsink.
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    The 940 is socket AM2+ not AM3 so, IMO isn't a very good option more if u want a future proof for ur rig.

    What is ur budget for the cooler? the Hyper 212+ is very solid and isn't expensive I can get 4GHz with that cooler.
  8. so i should get 955 since it is am3? I want to spend i the minimum on the cooler, that's 60 is this the same thing?
  9. Yeah, the AM3 have more future proof that the AM2+ socket.

    I still prefer the Hyper 212+-

    See here I love newegg but right now is a little expensive in that site.
  10. is the one at amazon the same thing? i don't mind waiting a few months to get it for half less
  11. Yeah is the same but with less price. U can ask the seller for the shipping time but I don't think that takes more that 4 or 5 days.

    Another sites that have the Hyper 212+

    3- BE CAREFUL with the important note in the price.
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