Dell e521 video card ?

I have a amd 64x2 6000 / 3 gig or ram psu is a corsair 450watt. Pc will not boot when I install the new pny 9800gt 1gig card .. currentlly running a nivida Quito fx 1400. pc works finw with this card
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  1. did you plug the moniter cable to the out put in your GPu.
  2. king game said:
    did you plug the moniter cable to the out put in your GPu.

    thanks for the fast post.

    Yes It seated with no problems . I cannot even boot inot safe mode with the 9800gt installed , very weir . when I putt he quardo fx card in the pc is fine . HELP !!!!
  3. Where did the 9800GT come from? if it is not new do you know that it worked before?
  4. I got it from amazon new out of the box.
  5. Just goy an e-mail from PNY they have declared it dead.

    ? now that I have a pcie power option with the new corsair 450 watt psu, What would be a good replacement card for the pny 9800gt 1gig??
  6. Thanks for the fast reply s , this is the first time I have used Toms Hardware , Will definitely pass on the good word !!!!
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    So they are taking the card back and not giving a replacement? What is your budget? If you are in the US or Canada is the place to go. Id get a 5750/5770 card and just be done with it. They far out perform an 9800gt card. For $150 here is a good one with free shipping
  8. 5770 is the best for its price(energy Eff,cool and new features)
    but if you want more you can get a 5830 or Gtx260(more faster 5830 is a eff and cool card)

    or is you are low on budget get the 4850 or GTS250
  9. Your PC is just a little slower thah mine, so a 5750 would be perfect for you. If your budget is a little lower, a 5670 is also a sweet little card, just a tiny bit slower than the regular 9800gt but much more efficient.
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