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I will get my new mother z77a mpower do anyone has a suggestion about this? I want to get like 5 ghz i use i5 3570k for it.
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  1. i doubt you will get it to 5ghz with the new processors. read some overclocking guides to get a general idea of how far they can be pushed to. 3 thousand series of intel cpus run hotter than the 2 thousand series because of the cheaper metal used where the cpu touches the heatsink. i can get my 2550k to 5ghz woot woot. dont overclock on stock cooler if you want to overclock high you need a good cooling like noctua heatsinks or some water cooling like h110i
  2. I got a frio extreme did it work to hit 5 ghz?
  3. you wont hit 5ghz with new processors, with last gen ones yes
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