Bought a new case i have an amd 2400+ motheboard just need to wire it can any 1

im not an expert with computers however i know i can rewire it! jus could do with some diagrams because the case is newer and has leds on it which is cool yes but even more bloody confusing when it comes to wiring so i have two motherboards both amd 2400+ one is red and has the asrock graphics built in and one is green and it says v6dp on it first of all whiich is the best and then how do i wire it i am an electrician im not an electronics engineer thoug help please lol! :fou:
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  1. 1. That was about 50% understandable.
    2. New stuff comes with fancy manuals with pretty pictures.
    3. Company websites have online manuals in case you already threw yours out.
  2. the case is new its a2720(galaxylll) case the motherboard i intend to install is an amd asrock kmv72 motherboard as i have a new power supply as well a 550 watt supply thats where the confusion comes in mainly for the casing wires ,e.g the mic,earphone jack plugs and it supports sata whereas my current 400w power supply does not ,so i can wire the power to the motherboard thats fine i can plug in the harddrive ,a drive ,and my cd and dvd drives no problem just left with these fiddly little wires which look like one block untill u pull them off and they are all individual ,this is where i am slightly confused,i have searched the web to no avail for a diagram or installation manual amd dont even know what im talking about!! is there any other sites any one can suggest?
  3. another ridicoulous problem i have is for some reason the keyboard lay out is wrong and it is not the keyboard as i have tried manny and they al do it,is this because amd is american? for example my @ is where the " is and vica-versa and # is where the pound sign is i dont even jnow where the pound sign is this is not a massive problem but it is irritating
  4. 1. Take a deep breathe and pause.
    2. Don't think a Asrock kmv72 MOBO actually exists. Here's the full list of MOBO's they do make. Try to find yours.
    3. I've never heard of a a2720 Galaxy III case, do you have a manufacturer name? website link?
    4. Normally, cables in a new case have labels on them. IE, HD for Hard drive, pwr for power, etc. Figure out what each cable is, then look at the motherboard manual. On one of the diagrams it will have a picture labeling which pins each of these case cables goes. Orientation does matter for some of them, so get your + and - right.
    5. Please use punctuation and proper grammer in the future >.<
  5. may i add some usefull advice to others i have found the ct shop found on ebay extremelly usefull for any parts required whetger upgrading or a complete system build they stock everything u can think off at reasonable prices,they do not stock manuals though!!
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