How to make an intel core i5 overclock?

I am using a Sony VAIO VPCCA35 with intel core i5 -2430M . I tried to find an option for changing the clock speed of the processor in the BIOS settings but in vain. Can anyone please tell me how to increase the clock speed of my processor.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. laptops are not meant for overclocking so thats why you dont have those options in bios
  2. Overclocking a laptop would most likely cause it to explode.
  3. the problem is that i was nt able to play NFS . It is getting hanged. So I thought of overclocking. Is there any other way??
  4. yes, get a desktop.
  5. Pre-Built desktops/laptops have the bios locked down so you can't overclock them. You need to build one yourself if you want to overclock (or have someone build you one) so you have full access to the bios and you need a CPU with an unlocked multiplier if you want to do any meaningful overclocks to the CPU.
  6. is it possible to unlock intel processors?? or is it possible only with AMD processors?
  7. I have a laptop too with a new intel processor and I have been looking for about 7-8 months on how to overclock. But I STILL haven't found anything. I just built me a desktop though and now I can overclock sky high. I know it's a bit expensive but that's what I recommend.
  8. I have seen people who do overclock laptop's so if you do enough searching and experimenting you MAY find something. I've heard setFSB works if you know the PLL of your motherboard. It's all fairly simple stuff but you gotta know what your doing.
  9. jpu said:
    the problem is that i was nt able to play NFS . It is getting hanged. So I thought of overclocking. Is there any other way??

    Here are the solutions which I think could help:
    1. possible solution is upgrading your RAM...cuz' a 2GB ram which is minimum system requirement for NFS would only perform well if your tasks are only few cuz' by the time your laptop starts up it will start running tasks and those tasks require also ram so, if your ram is 2GB it would be deducted by an amount for running tasks so, as a result the amount of ram left for you would not reach 2gb.
    2. Use Razer Game Booster, since this software is designed in order to run games in your pc as smoothly as possible.

    I hope that the solutions that I gave could help. My experience is so far limited since I'm only 17 years old but loves techie stuff and more about computer so I try to explore different tech sites in order to improve my knowledge.
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