General Overclocking Questions

I've just got some basic questions about overclocking.

1. What is considered 24/7 stable? I was trying to achieve 4.8GHz at about 1.4V but was told that it isn't suitable for a 24/7 setup. I understand not all chips can go this high but if I can keep the volts down and the temps reasonable is that not good enough?

2. I mostly game so at what point does incrementing the multiplier not give a major speed increase? I've seen most people run at 4.5GHz is that the right sweet spot?

3. At the moment I am going for a 4.5Ghz at 1.285V start, Its been running on prime95 for about 6 hours now. When should I consider yes this is stable. After 24 hours of testing? Also the temps have been at around 50-55c and maxing at about 60c. Is that considered safe temps?

4. In bios I set the vcore to 1.285v but on cpu-z it comes up as 1.288 - 1.292v, I understand this is normal but when I am calculating the offset do I calculate it against the vcore in bios or the volts on cpu-z?
So would it be VID - 1.292 = offset?

My chip is the 2600k with a h100 cooling system.

Many Thanks
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