Squeezing a GTX260 into a Dell e520..

Hey guys,

There was a similar question asked in another thread, but that one seems to have died out.

I'm trying to fit the ginormous nvidia gtx260 into my Dell Dimension e520 case. The card takes up the space of two PCIE slots, and the e520's motherboard has only one (meaning it will not fit out of the back of the machine to plug in the monitor.)

On the other side of the card, it is cut of by the heatsink casing.

Now, I have read older threads about modding the case, cutting out part of the back and altering the heatsink case, but couldn't find any precise details about the process. I'm assuming this is my only possibilty of getting this card into the machine. Any advice? I don't know the safest way to cut out the metal casing, and I'm not sure of exactly which parts of the heatsink sheath can be removed without wrecking it.

(I have a new PSU on the way.)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I suppose more specifically what I'm asking, can anyone give me some tips on which parts of heatsink shroud I can safely cut away, and which to avoid?
  2. Please, if anyone can help with this, I am also having the same problem. gtx260 does not fit in dell E520 case. upgrading from gt220 so this system will be pretty beast
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