Macrium clone usb ssd will not boot

I cloned my hard drive to a Crucial SSD but when I connect it via USB cable cannot get it to boot from it?

Operating system Windows 7 64 bit - Toshiba Protege R705 laptop

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    You can not Boot to a USB drive that has a "cloned" image file from an Internal Win x HDD.

    You will need to remove the Internal HDD and insert the SSD.
    Did not goole Your R705, But if it has Two internal HDD bays, then Move the Internal HDD to the 2nd Bay and insert the SSD into the First bay. You may be able to daul boot to both drives.

    Please NOTE, Cloning SSD -> SSD is fine, But Cloning a HDD -> SSD is not the best method, Most recommended is a clean install. Clean Install:
    A) Will enable Trim, Clone will not (can be done manually)
    B) Will properly align Partition, Clone may / may not algingment may/may not.
    C) Great way to clean up the cludder in the registry.

    D) ** Bios should be set to ahci for your SSD, Was it set to that when the operating system was installed on the HDD???
  2. Hi,

    I reformatted the SSD and then redid the cloning and it works beautifuly - Thanks
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