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I've got a Dell XPS desktop 435 MT with windows 7 64 bit, with an i7 950, 3.07 GHz, 12 gigs

ram, etc. The problem is, say there's a power surge and the power shuts off, then once

power is restored, the green light on the back of my power supply does not come back on and

I can't power back up. I've tried unplugging everything from the motherboard, removing the

ram, unplugging the hard drive, unplugging the power cord, but none of that helps.

It seems like after an hour or so, after plugging the power cord in and out 20 or 30 times,

the green light will come back on and I can power up. My computer did this when I moved it

from one house to the other and powered down normally.

Is there a bios setting that controls this? Is my power supply bad? I've never had a

computer do this before. Did not matter if there was a power surge or I shut down normally,

hitting the power button restarted it right away.

Anyone have any ideas.


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  1. When this happens and you unplug the power cord, leave it unplugged for several minutes - try 4 or 5 at first, then try 10 if that does not help. Having no power into the PSU at all for only a short time does NOT completely deprive the mobo of power. The PSU's fully charged capacitors can keep the mobo's minor circuits running for a little while before they really do go dead. Until that happens, any glitch that locked up a mobo loop still has power and can keep it locked up. A completely cold reset of the mobo requires you give it enough no-connection time to let the PSU's capacitors drain down to nothing.
  2. make sure your power cord end that goes into the psu is still in good condition. otherwise, its your psu. but its a relatively new computer, looking at the specs its probably still under warranty.
  3. Thanks for the reply. When I moved I didn't power up my computer for weeks and it still did the same thing. I plugged everything back up and it took about an hour before the green light on the back of the power supply came back on.

    Couple months ago I installed a TV card to watch TV. I powered down, unplugged everything, computer was off for about 10 minutes, plug everything back up and nothing. About an hour later I was able to power back up.

    I'm thinking that Dell must use some kind of screwy power supplies or something. I probably need to just buy a good power supply and install it.

    Thanks for the comments,
  4. yeah, dell uses rather lousy power supplies
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