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Hi guys i have a Evga 8800 gtx card that all of a sudden wont display anything, what happened is it was working fine for the full 2yrs i had it then i shut down my system went to bed, when i woke up and restarted my system it started up up but there was no display, the card powers up and everything so its not a power issue i even tried a dual monitor config to see if its one of the DVI ports that went bad, i did not not update to the latest drivers (due to it killing peoples card and all) so i'm totally baffled as to whats happening, no matter which of my friends sytem i try it in i still do not get any display however the card is still powering up,

any info that will help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. sounds like a dead card if you have tried it in several systems, you probably have to buy a new video card :/
  2. You can try throwing it in the oven. It's a good last-ditch trick to fixing dead cards.
  3. ^ Like this? :) :

    Sometimes this kind of failure can be down to nothing more than a failed capacitor, which can be replaced.
    Before writing off the card, strip off the cooler and closely examine it, look for burnt or discoloured areas and pay close attention to the capacitors, they should be perfectly round with flat tops, any bulging of either the sides or tops indicates a failed component. If this is the case some electronics repair shops can replace it/them.
    Otherwise it's off to the shops for a replacement :(
    If you do need a replacement see here, it will show you which card/s are either a direct replacement or upgrade:

  4. lol i laughed at the oven thing but it may actually work, it really sounds like a dead card and the last chance could be the oven :D :D if the oven wont work then buy a new card :D
  5. I have a friend in GA that fixed his dead 8800 by following the procedures listed in the thread Coozie linked.

    Agreed in that it does sound like a bad card. If physical inspection in inconclusive , try cooking it as a last ditch effort. After that throw in some cookies !
  6. Thanks guys, its not what i wanted to hear as i love this card so much, i live in Jamaica so replacing the parts or sending it to the US to get it fixed will cost way too much at this time, WONT try the oven thing lol so am just gonna get a new card.

    I was saving for a 5870 i have enough for the 5850 so i'll just buy that then sell it back later for the upgrade sigh

    Thanks again
  7. well a 5850 is a better buy than 5870 IMO, its more bang for buck and it overclocks VERY GOOD!!
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