Can a Firewire 400 device read a 800 one?


I,ve got a FW 400 1394a port on the back of my PC and I want to connect to a FW 800 1394b hard drive.

Will this work?

Would I just need a FW 800 to 400 adapter to go on the FW 800 device?

I think FW 800 can read FW 400. But not the other way round.
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  1. Firewire is BOTH forward and backward compatible but runs at the speed of the slower device. An adapter will work, and you would use the same adapter to go either way -- i.e. any 400 to 800 adapter can be used in either direction.
  2. That's what I was thinking. But I don't want to buy something without asking someone that knows.

    I have seen 1.5m 800 to 400 cables on Ebay.

    I will probably order one of them.

    I don't mind if the 800 port runs at 400. The 800 port is on my external drive and the 400 is on my PC.

    If it works I,m happy.

    It will be cheper than having to buy a FW800 PCI card.

  3. Yes, the adapter or a specific cable will work, like this one:

    edit: and yes it will run at 400 speeds.
  4. That's the cable I need.

    I will order one off ebay.

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