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Will this motherboard work for Q6600?

I'm trying to throw together a basic gaming rig for my brother to play WoW. I have 2 gigs of 667 mhz ram, a Q6600, 9600gt, all that good stuff laying around. The only piece I am missing is a motherboard to put all this on. I found one on Amazon, should this work?

It says it uses 800mhz ram, will this board recognize and be able to use this ram and other components? Any insight is appreciated.
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    Your CPU does show up on the board's official support list, and the memory should also work fine as well. The official specs from Gigabyte list support for DDR2 memory from 667 to 1066. It has PCI-e ports for the graphics card, SATA and PATA for drives, etc.

    That board should serve you well.
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