Ati fanboy wants ati

ok soo whats better a Geforce GS210 asus
or a ATI HD 5770 asus? price is alot different.
Im not a person that uses computers lots just for casual gaming like WOW and call of duty 4 5 6
Would i see a good image improvment with the HD 5770?

Next question Will my system bottleneck the HD 5770?

Intel i3 530 2.93Ghz
4Gb DDr 3 800mhz
750gb Sata HD
Some Asus mobo
Soundblaster 5.1 somthing
Dvd Super Multi recorder
18.5" moniter 1366x768 res :cry:

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  1. i would think that 5770 would be perfect for your system, at least with that monitor you will max out almost every game :)
  2. The HD5770 is by far the faster option.

    At that low resolution yes, games will be limited by the CPU speed, but if you use the HD5770 they will be running at such ludicrous speeds it will not matter anyway.
    BTW, you might want to save a few beer tokens and opt for the HD5750, it is quite capable of playing those games at 1680x1050!
  3. thanks but i like to have TOTAL OVERKILL so i know that in like 6 months i can still play new games lolz but thanks i should be getting my card in a week or soo 180$
    Thanks guys i CANT WAIT TILL IT COMES OMFG DIRECT X 11!!!! i have lots of benchies ready for it along with an amazing amout of games for trying out!!!!! i just went and spent like 200 on games!!!
    And the only reason why i didnt pick up a 5850 is my psu and i know my cpu would bottleneck
  4. Try to overclock ur cpu then it would be perfect....
  5. Multiple exclamation marks, the sign of a warped mind ;)
    Hope you have the Unigine Heaven demo/benchmark, the DX11 visuals are quite stunning (check out the roof tiles, roads and dragon).
  6. =-= hehehe theres no point in having Direct x 11 without Heaven X-)
    oh and just a few for the road !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. well that settles it, a 5770 for you :)
  8. I guess someone has not read this:-
  9. Mousemonkey said:
    I guess someone has not read this:-

    well hes probably excited, thats why he wrote those things in caps :)
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