Weird double boot issue when ram changed from 1600 to 1866

Hi folks,

I got some new ram today and threw it into my system. Once I set the ram to run at 1866 MHz (specified speed) and timings set to auto it does this weird boot thing.

1.) I press power on button and pc powers on.
2.) PC power up but shuts down before it can post (always blank screen).
3.) PC automatically powers itself on immediately after it shuts down.
4.) PC posts and loads windows with no issues.

I ran MemTest for 20 min and it came up with no issues. Its just annoying me that it has to do a double boot (i.e. power on) before it loads properly.

System specs:

i7 2600k
MSI Z68a - gd80
Gskill 1866MHz Cl9

Any clues?
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  1. Ok I think its just a stability issue. I went messing with the timings to investigate further. I dropped the timings to 9-9-9-24 and the system kept trying to boot but it never did manage to even post. I reset the mobo and went back to 1600Mhz @ 9-9-9-24 and all is well. I am not the happiest with my ram though if this is the case. Its rated for 1866MHz 9-10-9-28 @1.5V and it can't do it. I will try tighter timings @ 1600MHz and see what happens.

    All info is still greatly welcomed. I would class myself as a competent overclocking noob.

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