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I have an old GX620 Desktop system. And if anyone is familiar with the model and 2006 era Dell they really made upgrading computers difficult.

This is what the system looks like:


And here is a close up on the PSU:


As you can see the PSU is not very standard. Although it does seem to be a modified (part of the back cut off) ATX power supply.
I need more juice in this system. What PSU can work in this system that will fit? A Standard ATX PSU is a tight fit because it doesnt have the retained back end. I need some help with this people. And yes I know this is an old system but its all I have. Thanks
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  1. delluser1 would be the one to ask
  2. Thanks I'll ask that user. Topic is still open for suggestions though.
  3. What part number have the PSU that u rig have?
  4. Its Dell part number: NC912 - The 280W Desktop PSU.
  5. Well after a few minutes looking (here) for the part number that u give me in the only PSU that I can find is THIS

    Says that replace the old 280W model and in the table says "DELL NC912"
  6. Another option for u is contact with the DELL support with the service tag of ur rig and they can give u the model of the PSU for ur upgrade.
  7. That seems to bee for a SFF model. Hmm. $99. OUCH. Thanks for looking, but really I don't mind if its not a Dell kind of power supply.
    I just want (it seems to be an ATX) that is a little shorter so it can fit accordingly.
  8. Well are there no ATX power supplies that are shorter than others? But still ATX. That's what I have been hunting for.
  9. Will a micro PS3 power supply work? Is the height and width the same as an ATX?
  10. ^I'm not sure about that but even u can buy an ATX PSU and run it externally without problems.
  11. well afaik that actually ISNT atx, but i could be wrong...
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