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Ok, here is my problem. I just purchased a new video card. Geforce 9800GT from ASUS. It requires at least a 400w Power Supply. I failed to check the one in my system before I bought it because I figured it was powerful enough. (Thats what I get for thinking, right? LOL) Anyways the system is about 2-3 years old. Here are the specs as I remember them though its been awhile.

Acer with 3800+ AMD Athlon 64
Geforce 9800GT
Onboard sound

I still havent figured out exactly what that power supply is. I believe by the jumble of crap written on it that it is a 250w. It says DC output is 250. I had an older computer just lying around and saw that it had a 450w power supply so I tried to swap them out. The 450w one doesnt have the right connectors on it because its so old. I have no idea what type of power supply i need to purchase. I have looked at a few places online and saw some that said AMD athlon 64 ready with PCI-e and such in the description. I have PCIe btw. thats what my new card is. How do I know that Ive selected the right power supply for my mother board??
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  1. One more thing. The reasone the 450w power supply wont work is because of the 20 pin connector. the power supply that came in the system had a 20pin with a smaller 4 pin that fit in beside the larder one. The older 450 didnt have connectors like that. It lacked the 4 pin companion plug. Hope this helps describe the situation better
  2. This will work for you. It is a very high quality unit and is on sale for an amazing price right now. It will have all the connectors you need.
  3. Thank you for the very quick reply! I love this site just for that reason and that there is always someone out there with the answers to almost any question. :bounce:
    I looked at the pictures of the connectors on that one and you are right. The connectors looked like the ones I have now. Only thing is the price. While that really isnt a large price to pay for the product, my money is very limited right now and Im looking for something to just get by with for the time being. i plan on doing a complete build in a few months as things should ease up money-wise for me some. I think Ive figured out how to look for what I need but let me run this by you.... Does it matter when it come to whether or not the PSU is ATX and AMD or Intel? I just want to make sure I know how to order when I find something I can better afford and they confuse me with all the techy stuff in the descriptions. Here is an example. Will this PSU work on my system?
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    Yes but only from a connector standpoint....and in good conscience I can NOT recommend that thing. Generally the PSU is not something you want to go cheap on. I know that the Corsair is $29.99 after rebate but that is cheaper than I have ever seen a good quality unit. That "supposed" 480w PowMax actually puts out much less power than the 400w Corsair unit.

    I have been looking for a while now and really do not see anything that cheap that I feel good recommending. I am pretty sure that 9800GT needs way more than the 17 amps 12v rail on the PowMax. I believe you need a minimum of 22 amps.

    In choosing a PSU amps are WAY more important than volts. Graphics power comes from the 12v rail/rails. The 400w Corsair has a 30a 12v rail. The "480"w PowMax has a 17a 12v rail.

    I will look some more but honestly I doubt there is anything cheaper with enough amps for a 9800GT than the Corsair unit.
  5. Ahhh. i see what your talking about. I may just have to wait a week or so and break open the piggy bank. LOL. I was really hoping that wouldnt be neccasary but I DO want that new card to pump out all the graphics I paid for even though I know Im way behind the times right now. im just trying to get something going as I am growing very tired of playing my games on consoles. LMAO. Na i love the consoles but all of my flight sims are on the computer and my wife took over the other computer. hehe. I really really appreciate the help. Thank you again.
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  7. No problem man. If you can swing it the deal on that Corsair is about too good to be true and I do not know when it might expire. That PSU is usually in the $50-$60 range and you are going to have to have something very close to it to run that 9800GT.
    Quality brands to look for ( 400w would really be 400w) would be Corsair, Antec, PC Power and Cooling and Seasonic. And prices would be generally in the ~$50 and up range. $29.99 is almost too good to be true.
  8. Yeah, grab that deal while you can, because it won't last (although there may be another); I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat over the 550W Truepower New I picked last week for $40 after MIR.
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