Which is better, 1 ram module or several?


My PC has 4 memory slots and will recognize up to 2gb of RAM. What are the pros and cons for using one (1) 2gb stick of RAM vs. using two (2) 1gb sticks or using four (4) 512kb sticks? Are there any advantages for either one?


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    if its ddr 1, 2 or 3 and dual channel which i assume it is, you will benefit more from 2 or 4 matching sticks and for triple channel will benefit from 3 and six matching sticks

    - if its not a dual channel capable system (im making assumptions because you did not post enough information) than the less sticks the better

    in fact ist better to get as much capacity with as few sticks as possible that match the memory controllers optimal configuration (dual or triple)

    for example:

    a triple channel 6gb sys can be done with 6x1gb sticks or 3x 2gb sticks
    the better of the two configurations would be the 3x2gb config for various reasons including upgrade-ability, compatibility, stability...

    so to apply this to your config, and because memory is cheap right now, try and get a 2x1gb kit
  2. 4 slots for only 2GB? I assume it's DDR1... If that's the case, 2 x 1GB is your best bet. Reason is, I don't think there are any 2GB DDR1 RAM module. Filling up all 4 will give you trouble should anything happens in the future.

    But since it's and old platform, the safest is to have only 1 stick of 1GB RAM. Your system isn't that demanding nor have the capability to meet demands either. Plus, the price for a DDR1 module is just crazy! :lol:
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  4. Thanks for the insight.
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