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GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev 2.1 and 6870 Crossfire

Hello, I recently build a new rig and was hoping that I could set up crossfire on it. However, nothig I've tried so far has worked. My rig:

GPU: Asus 6870 x 2
CPU: AMD 1090T
MB: GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev 2.1
PSU: Antex TruePower New 750w

This is my first computer build, but I believe I set everything up correctly as everything is fully functional except for the second video card. I don't think that my PSU is too small because on AMD/ATI's website, they recommend atleast a 600 watt PSU and I know that my power connection to the card isn't bad because the fan on the card does spin up. When I first installed the cards, I used Asus' CD that contained that drivers, Catalyst, and everything else I should have needed. I really don't know what's wrong with it because neither card is faulty (I tested each in the x16 slot and they both worked). Only one of them shows up in Window's Device Manager. I also don't think it's a faulty Crossfire Interconnect, but I really don't know. If I can't get these two cards working, I may return them and get a pair of 5870s and hope for the best.....
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    Have you checked either the Asus or Amd websites for info on how to setup your crossfire, I know Nvidia has a rather extensive page or two on the subject, that way you can get hard copy right "from the horses mouth" as it were...:)
  2. I think I found my problem when I went to pull my second card out. The second card wasn't being fully seated in the pcie slot. It overhangs my front panel headers by about a quarter of an inch and the card isn't locking in because the header connections are slightly too high. If I remove the connectors, it seats just fine....what to do about that??

    Yep, that was the problem. After slightly bending the header connectors, the card seated okay and it was immediately recognized and it enabled crossfire when I booted ^_^
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