What's the best graphics card for a hp m9300t

I wan't to upgrade my video card from the stock 9300 gs in my hp m9300t I know oem sucks but I was rushed to get a pc.I'm now out of warranty and was hoping to get a new video card for it.I was sent a sparrow by hp but it would not run on there weak power supply.So I'm wondering what I can upgrade to that will give me better looking graphics when I'm playing games. :hello:
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  1. Uhm... You might want to look for a nice Ati 5670 or a 4670. nVidias side would be a GT240.

    You can watch some numbers here on how they perform.

    BTW, they don't need extra power, so you'll be fine.

  2. Thanks ,I couldn't get the link to work do you have an address?It's no biggie though I probably wouldn't understand it but thanks at least I know what I'm looking for.And if they don't need any extra power they should be good huh.It's funny because I just went out and bought a 128 Mbit ati for my old hp 133 ghz,didn't look at specks or nothing and it worked out of the box.Funny because even then it was a very old computer.I think that hp just tried to overpower the card because I was complaining and it ended up being to big.
  3. Does work for you?

  4. Yes,I will scope them out.Probably have a good deal on one there to.I did find some info here, and a review so that was helpful.

    So, I guess I should have posted my specs too.

    Intel core 2 quad q6600

    4.00 gb ram

    vista home premium 64-bit

    of course the crappy nvidea 9500 gs

    a 350 watt power supply standard

    and the ASUS hp- Benicia motherboard
  5. That's not a bad card actually. Is very capable for its price...

    And now that i think about it, going from that card to a 5670 or a GT240 won't change your world all that much =/

    How much money are you willing to spend? And what resolution (LCD or CRT size) do you have/play at?

  6. IDK maybe $200 or so, I don't wan't to spend to much on this rig.I hope to build a new one some day.Who knows when that will be though? Anyway I just wanted to max out games like need for speed shift, and empire total war, not crysis or something. My native resolution is 1280x1024 60mhz ,I think thats how you say it.Like I said it will probably be a while befor I can afford any of the newer stuff.
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  8. Thanks man. :D
  9. If you can spend a little more, I'd suggest going for an XFX, HIS or Sapphire card. They're like USD$20 more or so.

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