Accidentally applied 1.68v to 3570k

3570k and ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Screwed up hard and accidentally put 1.68v vcc on my IB. It will not post now, all recovery options have been taken and failed. I know something broke 100%. There was no smoke or odor and no visible damage to mobo or cpu.

Is it more likely that the CPU fried or the mobo?

I can afford to replace both but obviously don't want to have to buy both to find out. It's a shame too because my 3570k was a good one, 4.9ghz at 1.36v stable 76c full load.
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  1. likely you could have fried both... :( But ill look into it some more here is a link to a web site that you should look at you can get any part there a little cheaper... Ps NO im NOT advertising... LOL if i see a way to fix it ill help you as much as i can good luck

    The Link >>>>
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