THe best computer to run Microsoft flight simulatror x

Hello,I would like to know and buy the best computer to run microsoft flight simulator x and I am willing to pay any amount as long as it gives me the best performance without any problem
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  1. microsoft flight simulator x:

    System:3.6 GHz CPU or equivalent
    RAM:2048 MB
    Video Memory:512 MB
    Hard Drive Space:14000 MB

    dvd burner $19.99 with free shipping:

    case and power supply Combo Price: $69.98:

    motherboard and cpu Combo Price: $239.98:

    hard drive $74.99 with free shipping:

    memory and graphics card Combo Price: $245.98:

    Grand Total: $651.00

    I hope this will work out okay for you, I know it will do what your wanting out of it and even more!:)
  2. For a game like FSX you primarily will need a good GPU with a memory of 1gb or more...(games now most likely takes the power out of GPU so thats what really matter) and at least dual core clocked at 3ghz+.

    As for Games . You may consider the High-End ATi HD 5850 for a better future-proof gaming experience or even a gtx 470.( recommended if you have a good airway flow/case and PSU).

    And as stated above. A 4gb Ram will be enough.
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