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what is the definition of "memory clock settings" ??
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  1. It refers to the speed as well as timings at which your RAM modules are running.
  2. 10x bro,that was really helpful,and since u're gd at it,i'll ask one more question if i may,my pc is built by me,dp45sg motherboard with cpu core 2quad of 2.6ghz each core,and my vga is 512mb ATI 2600radeon hd(second-hand), so i'm havin this problem,the pc is runnin normally for abt 4 to 5 days, average of 7 hours a day, after this period of time, it suddenly freezes,or turn off suddenly, and then i hav to wait for abt 2 or 3 days to turn it back on otherwise it won't run,and then the same process goes on again... So could u help??? Btw i noticed that the vga's fan won't keep runnin all the time,it turns on and off randomly.., 10x again ;)
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