Will geforce 9800 gt pci express work in my dell dimensions 8400

I recently bought a GeForce 9800 GT

To use with my Dell Dimensions 8400 to run Dark Age of Camelot. When I hook up the card and install drivers from the disc included with card it sayd drivers are older than the ones on my PC. When I install them and restart my PC the screen starts to load then goes black. Anyone seen this before? Do I need to add an additional power supply for the card? Do I need a HD monitor? Help a confused gamer...thanks.
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    completely un-install the old drivers before installing the new card.

    when the old drivers are gone, insert the new card and boot windows and then install the drivers for the new card.
  2. Or format windows and reinstall it.(make a backup for important files)

    and then you can be sure your old drivers are gone

    Use this to uninstall the drivers. The instructions are on the site. Cheers!
  4. Thanks guys...working like a charm now! :pt1cable:
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