Issues(?) With RAM Timings

My RAM set is
(XMP Timings are 1600MHz @7-8-8-24-2T)

According to what I hear from most people, the
tCAS (aka tCL) is 7
tRCD is 8
tRP is 8
tRAS is 24
Command Rate is 2

However, on an overclock, I got stable (1.5 hrs+ on Prime95 Blend) clocks at 2000MHz @9-9-10-9-1T

A benchmark shows the difference, PassMark giving me a latency of 19.6 during the overclock and 24.2 on XMP. However, how can the tRAS be as low as 9? Mushkin says tRAS should be 2 clocks more than tCAS+tRCD. Will this harm the memory? It's not supposed to happen right (or maybe is it)?

NOTE: At OC, my CPU is an i7-3820 set at 4625MHz @1.38V
Motherboard is EVGA X79 FTW
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  1. Theoretically, tRCD means Row to Column Delay, tCL means Column to Data output delay, tRAS means a Read cycle time.
    So tRAS can not be as low as 9, Mushkin is right.
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