3gb/s & 6gb/s drive in raid0

hi guyz, just wanted to know if there would be any complications when using a 3 Gb/s Seagate Baracuda & 6 Gb/s WD caviar Blue drive in RAID 0 config. I have a X79A-GD65(8D) with intel i7 3820 & 16Gb Corsair Vengiance DDR3 1600. How would this config affect performance? both drives are connected to the 6Gb/s intel controlled ports.

BTW, had such a battle to finally get the board to detect the 6 intel SATA ports...took flashing back & forth several times and reinstalling several drivers before I could get the 2 X intel 6GB/s ports to detect the drives & be able to set up the raid array...

what a shlep! Thanks Intel :P

Anywho, please let me know if the raid setup would be fine or potentially dangerous XD

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  1. For maximum performance the drives in a RAID array should be identical.

    The performance of a RAID-0 array is based upon the drive with the slowest Read/Write speeds.
    So your RAID-0 performance will be based upon the Read/Write speeds of your WD Caviar Blue.

    The total capacity of a RAID-0 array is based upon the drive with the smallest capacity.
    So if you RAID-0 a 250MB drive and a 1TB drive the total capacity of the array will be 500MB (250 x 2).
  2. cool, i'm aware of that :D. Both drives are 500 GB , just the read/write speed that varies... they are connected to SATA ports 1 & 2 (6Gb/s ports) so in other words, they will only perform at 3 Gb/s right? But there shouldn't be any other isseus?

    Thanks for taking the time ;)
  3. No, you shouldn't have any other issues.
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