Crossfire with Nvidia for Phsyx?

I've recently upgraded my computer, and among other things went from 2 8800GTS 640MB to 2 radeon 5850's. I've read in a number of places where people could apply a patch to use an ATI card for rendering and an Nvidia card for Physx. My question is will this work in crossfire? I'm using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit with an MSI 790FX GD-70 motherboard. Also I have the power supply to run the 2 5850's and a single 8800GTS.
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    Yes, it works in Crossfire. I'm doing it myself. With 5870's and a 8800gts.
  2. yes, provided you have a 3rd PCIe slot for the nvidia card.
  3. Thanks to all that responded, tried it and got it working.
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