Hello, I have a bfg 250gts with 1gig of ram and a bfg 9800gt with 1gig of ram. I have a 600 watt ps but not a top end ps, which would be a better card for my system? I feel the 250 may pull a lot more watts and slow my cpu down. The 9800 does not require the ps to be added to it.
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    Unless it is a truly terrible brand or faulty a 600w PSU should easily handle the GTS 250. It's significantly better than the 9800GT and it only actually uses 20-25w more power(unless the 9800GT is the newer version that is underclocked and doesn't have a power connector, but then the performance difference is even greater.)
    Also the card pulling more watts and slowing down your CPU is simply impossible. If your system isn't getting enough power it just wont work or it might reboot when you start a game and the card needs more power than can be supplied.
  2. The 9800gt does not require a power connector. I had a 9600 gso and with it in it seemed to run a lot smoother and it had to be pluged into the ps, why would the 9800gt not have to?
  3. The PCIe port itself supplies 75w of power to video cards. Cards that use less power than that don't need a connector.
    Like I said the GTS is a much better card and 600w should be more than fine. There's no reason to go with the inferior card that I can think of.
  4. k thanks
  5. the 9800 and the 250 are almost the same card. the 250 is like a rebrand with a few extra features. you should be find with a 600 watt PSU as long as that power supply has the write cables. Im running that exact card by BFG the GeForce 250 GTS, its a preddy solid card and i can run most games at max graphic's settings at 1920x1080p. for the acception of FarCry 2 and the Crysis Pack, I have to tweek a few of those graphics settings down 1 notch from the top. Im also running a 700watt Gaming PSU and im overclocking and everything with no power problems.
  6. No they aren't the same card. The 9800GT is based on the 8800GT. Those use a different and weaker processor than the GTS 250, which is based on the 9800GTX+.
  7. Wasn't the 9800GT just the same old Core in the 8800GT?
  8. 32 amps on the 12v rail should be more than enough.
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