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Hey folks, I've been a long time reader of Toms but this is the first time I ever posted a question and please forgive if this has been discussed to death already...but,
I need to know whats the best soundcard out right now, to go with my new Astro A40? I want the best quality possible and price doesnt really matter. I've recently got into gaming on my pc and put myself together a gaming rig, which I'm 99% happy with. The only remaining issue, is audio quality. Right now I'm just using the onboard soundcard of the ASUS P6T DeluxV2 thru TOSLink to the MixAmp of the A40s. I didnt think there would be THAT big of a difference with the quality of games,music,movies until my buddy came over and said "oh cool, now you need a kick ass soundcard to go with the headset...." which gots me to thinkin. I've been searchin the net to find an answer, a soundcard or second opinion. ANYONE have any advice?? I was looking at the ASUS Xonar Essence STX.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any advice!

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  1. I hear good things about HT omega and auzentech, as well as the Asus Xonar.
  2. Get the Essence STX.. Its an awesome product.. Dedicated heaadphone amps should suit you well.. Moreover, the quality of the components and the sound are second to none and in my view, its pricing is very much justified..
  3. Asus Xonar (D2X/ D2 or even Essence STX/ ST) for Audio/ Music
    Auzentech (esp. with X-Fi chip) for gaming with EAX

    But Asus Xonar can be used as well in games (hardware support for EAX 2.0, software emulation up to EAX 5.0)
  4. Well, I'd definatlly go with the ASUS Essence STX with the A40's.
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