Tom's Gaming CPU Hierarchy Pooky Chart

A gift from above !

I have been WISHING for such a list !

Sorry for the "spammah-lammah-ding-dang" but I HAD to post here.

Just Published ... Saved to my build-ref folder.,2599-7.html

= Alvin =

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  1. Don't worry Alvin... I reported you to the Mod's for spamming, so the thread can be closed :)

    Just joking with you [:mousemonkey:5]

    Overall, it is a nice chart and does help with those... "What Intel CPU is equal to the Athlon II X4 620?" type post we see now and then.
  2. If I had noticed that the article was featured in the side-bar, right next to this forum screen, I wouldn't have posted ...

    ... It should settle the occasional stupid dispute ...

    = Alvin =
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