I have a Radon 5670 and need run 3 screens can anyone tell me how to do it and w

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  1. Depending on the model you have it could be different but from what i saw the most common config I see is 1 DVI port 1HDMI and 1 display port. Depending on your monitors most likely you will need to get adapters to DVI.

    You will most likely need 1 of these


    1 of these
  2. Thx ive tried doing it that way but with no luck
  3. You seem to have the same problem as I am having. Maybe you have seen my thread.

    The key is the Displayport connection. This needs to either be to a Displayport monitor or have a special adapter.

    There are two adapter types to change a Displayport to DVI (or Displayport to HDMI). Passive ($15 - $20) and Active ($100+). You HAVE to have an Active one. You will know it is Active because there will be three connections.
    1. Displayport
    2. USB
    3. DVI (or HDMI)

    AMD lists approved dongles, but within that list, for Eyefinity, you have to choose an "Active" one.


    Good luck on finding a Displayport monitor or an Active Displayport to DVI adapter. I have been looking hard. Every site is out of stock.

    Sort of makes me sick. Hype hype hype and no product.
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