WIndows 2003 Router locks up

WIN 2003 Enterprise server, is a router, PCs connecting to some websites will cause hard drive to freeze, no blue screen, no log, no mem dump, nothing. Hard boot only fix. Have two servers same problem.
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  1. How many PCs are you running through it?
  2. Hello, tx for the reply. Currently running about ten nodes on one network, the other network has five. All it takes is one node going to a website that must have some code that basically chokes the router, as I said, no blue screens, no mem dumps, nothing in the logs, the hard drive and the screen simply freeze, and all you can do is reboot. Very puzzling. Never had this problem with 2000 Advanced server.
  3. Are you current w/ all your Windows Updates?

    Have you been able to isolate which websites, or perhaps identify something these websites share in common (e.g., Javascript) that could account for the problem?

    Btw, how is it you KNOW that specific websites are causing the problem? That would seem to be a hard thing to determine on the server side.

    Is it possible you’re actually under some sort of network attack? Are you using any additional software to protect yourself?

    I’m not sure what features Windows 2003 provides in this area, but that OS is a bit old in the tooth and I know MS hasn’t always provided good protection w/ its servers. Many of those features came later. I just wonder if it’s a good idea to be using MS’s own gateway, esp. from 2003. It’s there, it’s convenient, but MS is hardly the “best of breed” in this area. That’s why so many turn to products like Astaro.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Been swamped. Hope I can answer your questions. Updates, yes, all up to date, in fact, this server is my WSUS and it synchs each night with MS. As far as specific sites, I may have to eat my words, on one specific date it appeared that one site ( was the culprit, but lately I am not sure and perhaps I should not have jumped to that conclusion. I also believed at one time it may have been the firewall (PC Tools) but after trying all versions, then tried the AV engine, no dice. What bugs me is that Windows 2000 servers don't have this problem and would have stayed with them but July 2010 is the ax night when 2000 goes Jurassic. Never heard of Astaro but I am going to check it out now. Thanks so much for all the time you've spent, not sure if I will ever get to the bottom of this. I hope I can test 2008 next.
  5. Do you have a support contract with MS? If so I'd let them take a look at it. Also maybe make sure that all your drivers and all are up to date. If it's REALLY a problem with Windows 2003 and specific internet traffic Microsoft I'm sure would love to hear about it.. that would be a HUGE vulnerability that MS I'm sure would be all over, and as I recall if you call them about a problem that turns out to be a problem with their software they don't charge you for the support. With that being said... I kinda doubt you're seeing that. I'd check drivers next and maybe even verify your BIOS has all the latest updates.
  6. I don't have a contract but will pursue your suggestions. Tx so much !!
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