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Ok so I currently have the mcp655 variable speed controller pump with g1/4 threads on it. I am looking to upgrade it to a puump/res combo and am wondering if it would matter which parts I buy for it considering its already drilled. I am currently looking at these items for it:

Would these be fine for the upgrad? Or would I need anything different?
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  1. You might want to change that D5 top, uses G3/8 threads so you will have to shell out on adapters to make it G1/4 compatible. This one is G1/4 native (and cheaper).

    Far as I can tell, the first option is good to go with the above product.
    The 2nd option just looks like a D5 with an aftermarket top plus a tube reservoir. Dont know why it wouldnt work.
  2. Ah thanks for that. I figured it would be the standard g1/4 amd didnt seem to notice it not being. The second build is more of an aesthetics thing for me. I plan on in the future running a dual loop with the danger den res's attached to the radiators I will have in the system. I just wasnt sure how the pump top would work with an already drilled pump. After doing a little more visual research i noticed it doesnt matter because you end up removing that part of the pump and replacing it with the new top (though it might slide over it? I wasnt exactly sure about that part).
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