Sometimes I get black screen on startup, i7 930, ASUS MOBO, GPU 5870

Hi everyone,

After having built my new computer the other day, I was ready for a first power-up. When I finally hit the button lights came on, fans started spinning and everything could have been oh so sweet. Except....nothing but a black screen. (the comp. parts are in the signature)

After powering on and off a few times and methodically having tried:

- with only one DRAM on slot A1.
- to disconnect the fans one by one.
- to disconnect both HD's and my Sony Optiarc DVD
- to put the XFX 5870 in the other available slot
- to disconnect 1394, case usb's and audio

I suddenly got it running (after having disconnected one of the three chasis fans). I was extremely pleased although one fan shorter and everything worked fine installing Windows 7, etc. BUT on next power-up the following day, it AGAIN wouldn't show anything but a black screen - this time with the GPU fan going crazy.

A week has passed and...
Often black screen, wont boot.
Sometimes (when black screen) the video card's fan goes nuts on power-up.
Sometimes it all works like a charm and I can do whatever I like, until one or two power-ups later - then suddenly black screen again. It seems random whether the gpu fan screams or not even though it only happens with black screen start-up.

I thought it was a ram issue but have also thought about gpu and psu. It's just that my psu is a 700 watt Chill Innovation (with some 850 watt internal parts) and it should be very capable for the job.

If it were the PSU, isn't it extremely odd that it sometimes works fine and doesn't crash no matter how hard I push it?

Being desperate now I have also tried messing with the DRAM TIMINGS in BIOS (of which I have no knowledge whatsoever). The result of this was that I wants me to change so I put it all back to Auto.

PS: I sadly don't have any alternative ram, psu or gpu so I'm in the dark on troubleshooting.

Can anyone help? Will it help if I post screenshots from BIOS or the BOOT SEQUENCE (when it works)?
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  1. btw - I HAVE already read and considered the options in:

    - although a very nice thread with lots of valuable info, it didn't help me solve this issue...
  2. Have you tried memtest on the RAM?

    PSU wise, I've never actually heard of Chill Innovation before.
  3. No I haven't tried memtest. Will try that tonight!

    However, my hopes are slim on that count since it only tests whether my ram is faulty in itself and not compatibility with MOBO... I've tried two of my three ram sticks alone in A1 with the same result, meaning all my ram should me faulty then...?

    You can see the specs for the PSU here:
  4. Didn't research real deep but most OCZ ram requires 1.65v not the standard 1.5v. Also the only OCZ at 10666 cas 7 I found requires 1.75v, pretty high voltage,
    good luck.

    Tried changing the voltage settings from the standard 1.5v to 1.65 even though these RAM should work better at 1.5 (haven't seen anything indicating 1.75).
    Didn't work. Was about to run memtest as suggested but I had strong conviction it wasn't a faulty ram as I have tried all three alone in slot A1.

    Bought a new crappyt psu (Energon 750W) on the same wattage as my HIGH-END expensive chill innovation - THAT WORKED!

    PS: I have seen others suggest that the 5870 is very picky on getting the right voltages so be aware if you are about to buy one..

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