Cool'n' quiet dissapeared - how come?


I have built a HTPC based on a Phenom II 4X and based on Win 7.

In order to reduce heat/noise I also played with K10stat and was able to safely reduce Vid.

When playing, I realized that in most cases when the load was low the CPU switched to P-State III which equates to 4x 800MHz.
This is what Cool'n'quiet is all about, right?

Meanwhile I realized the the CPU seems "locked" to P-state 0 which equates to 4x 3.2GHz even at low loads which is a pure waste and creates noise.
I have checked the Bios settings and sure enough C'n'Q is activated.

What have I missed here?

Thank you for a useful hint


P.S. Thank you too for the patience as for you me question is probably trivial.
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  1. Is something on your system causing it to run at least one core at full load?
  2. Hi Hunter,

    K10stat reports back to me that all four cores are running @ either 0% or 1% load.
    Frequency is 3200MHz.

    CPUID tells me that VID is 1.375V.

    What isn't the CPU throttling down to 800 MHz then in which case 0.725V have prooven to be sufficient?

  3. If the power mode in windows/controlpanel is set to enthusiast mode it won't power down.
  4. It is in the screensaver menu, click the bottom left tab in the screensaver menu, if it is on High Performance it will not allow for the C-n-Q to throttle the has to be on balanced or power saver
  5. @Roonj & Lowjack,

    that did the trick thank you.

    Any idea how to convince K10stat to start during boot up?


  6. Look under the preferences menu in the application to set it to start on boot-up..
  7. There is no preference menu to my knowledge.
    K10stat needs to be started using the Win 7 Taskscheduler.
    I have used the folloeing settings without success:
    Name: K10stat
    Trigger: Boot
    Independent of user - not storing password
    Program: k10stat.exe -loadprofile1 -nowindow

    Anything I missed?

  8. Can't you enable it as a windows startup application?
  9. I know now that it doesn't have a preferance tab......Only thing I can think of is to download a utility like glarysoft and use it to make it open on start up
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