I7 2700k and the i7 3770k OC?

Hey guys, well I've been wanting to upgrade my CPU for a while now (from an i3) and I finally jumped on one. I will also be getting a new case/mobo/watercooling within the next month and a half.

I know that the 2700k will overclock more than the 3770K, which makes up for the difference in efficiency and they would both get the job done almost identically.

My question is, did I make the right choice in picking up the 2700K for about $70 cheaper than the i7 3770K? (I don't need the Integrated Graphics, power use doesn't really matter either). Looking at performance, and I'll be OC'ing the 2700k.

Thanks for any input everyone :)
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  1. If u do not want to go for i3770K go for i53570K if its simply meant for gaming...
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