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Buying more ram, which type am i?

Hey guys I build my own pc a while ago i only got 2Gb ram now.

Its Corsair xms3 ddr3 but im not sure of the number (1800(O.C.) /1666/ 1333/1066) like that < Is it the moduals?

My Mainboard is GA-MA785GT-UD3H

Was wondering can you mix and match your memory as long as your mainboard can support it?
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    Go to the Corsair site or Newegg or whatever and try to identify your RAM. Or find the invoice, it's best to get the same RAM as the one you have. If not it's best to have the same voltage. Maybe it's this 1.6V one:
  2. I found the part Number which is Cm3X1G1333C9

    So im guessing its the 1333 ? its the blue colored one? Im not sure if my 2gb is performing to its full potential though
  3. You gotta open the case and see how it looks like. You have one stick or two?
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