Best PsyX for Nvidia setup?

I plan on buying a GTX 470, and I wanted to setup it up with a dedicated PsyX card, and I was wondering which card is the best for PsyXs???
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  1. This may change depending on the game, but generally the most power you'd need in Batman, which is generally regarded as the best physX game out there, is a GTS 250.

    Look at these benchmarks with a dedicated physX card in batman:,2465-8.html
  2. I am tring to figure this out,
    I am probably going to only have 3 PCIe spots.
    But first I can setup a 2 way SLI, then a seperate card for PsyX.
    So for instance pretend I got two GTX 470, then got the GTS 250 for PsyX, would
    that be the ideal setup, or would I better off with just 3 way SLI with the 470's?
    I am going to try and find a MoBo that has 4 spots so I can do 3way SLI + a PsyX card! but I am not sure there that many.
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    The more cards you add to SLI, the more diminishing returns you will have.

    There are very few physX games that take advantage of GPU accelleration. My opinion is that it would be inadvisable to bother with a dedicated physX card, if you already are using SLI. If a game is demanding enough to need a dedicated physX card, you can disable SLI, and turn one of those cards into a dedicated physX card when playing such a game.

    It would also be my opinion, if you are going to be getting a 480 or 470, to just see how well they perform in the PhysX games you have or are going to purchase. See if there are shortcomings before you purchase a dedicated physX card. We have no idea how this new archetecture is going to perform yet.

    That or you could use a physX card you may not be using anymore. I personally use an old 8800gts as my dedicated physX card. It cost me nothing to setup, and it performs quite well. (I've also used a 9800gt, but it's in my 2nd computer now).
  4. I do have a GeForce 9400Gt in my current computer, it was a quick fix cause my last card that ran just over 4 years.
    I just have been trying to figure out a good setup.
    I have debating on which route to go, Intel or AMD.
    I really do want to go with Nvidia esp. if these GTX 400's are as good as they say.
    So I am going through tons of reviews to find a good MoBo!!
    It only needs to be able to do 3 way, and have lots of goodies if you know what I mean.
  5. I like the idea of getting a mobo with the ability to go 3 way SLI. At that point, I'd add video cards a little at a time. See if one of those new 470's or 480's will do the trick for you first and only add a 2nd if you need more power.

    Of course, you probably should wait a week to see how the new benchmarks look before you leap into the deep end. You might have a better idea if you'd need 1 or 2 at that point, or even if you'd want to go with Nvidia this time around.

    Unfortunately, that 9400GT does not have physX capibility. Here is a list of physX capible cards:
  6. I probably won't purchase anything until about the beginning of the third quarter, just to play it safe.
    I want to stay around 1500 but if I need to spend a couple hundred more than that would be ok if its worth it.
    I have been back in forth, but I think I just going to stick with intel and nvidia.
  7. YOu could just use the 9400GT as a PhysX card.

    And you mean like this mobo?:
  8. builderbobftw said:
    YOu could just use the 9400GT as a PhysX card.

    And you mean like this mobo?:

    As I mentioned above, the 9400GT does not have PhysX capibilities:

    Unless Nvidia's list is wrong.
  9. Ah, Ok.

    Still, If he realy wants PhysX, he should just run it off the GTX 470, or upgrade to a GTX 480 at the same price as GTS 250+470.
  10. Here ya go:

    ASUS P6T7 WS Supercomputer "Ultimate Gamer" choose 3Way SLI + PhysX at Real X16 X58 w/ Two NF200 for 4 Real PCIE @x16 & SAS onboard.

    EVGA E760 CLASSIFIED "Overclocker's Pick" 3-Way SLI + PhysX 1366w/ 3 Way SLI, Digital PWM, E-Leet Utility and Vdroop control
  11. Those are all super sweet boards but I wanted to stick more around the 300 area.
    I dont get how I would be able to do 3SLI + PsyX if I were to get doubled space which is pretty much standard in high end cards.
    I just get over whelmed when looking for an INtel mobo, there is just so many options and so many reviews and specs to find the good ones.
    But do you know of really good boards that are more around 300??
  12. Get the 3X sli x58 i showed you for 230$.
  13. Yeah I really liked that one. But what is the difference in these boards there is like 2 that have the exact same but ones like 30$ more??
    Not any classified or the LE, but there is two of what were talking about??
  14. I did the math and at the Egg, I swapped out the amd chip and board, for the Evga X58 SLI, and the i7 930, and all is adds 212. Thats assuming I get all the same stuff.
    so whats better AMD 965 140watt and MSI GD70 vs i7 930 and EVGA X58 SLI?
  15. Niether, go 955.
  16. Go with the AMD 955 and the 890FX-GD70?
  17. Do you know if the GTX 400's will need a SLI ready board to run it in SLI??
  18. Yes, the GD70-890FX and 955 is the best option for gaming.

    (The price, combined, of a 930 alone)

    And you might not even want Fermi, so I would wait untill the 36th/April 6th to make the desciosion.

    (You won't be able to buy the 890FX-GD70 for a while).
  19. Yeah I am not buying for quite awhile, and I have been obsive of the new GD70, cause when i began to scout pieces it was the one I wanted until I found out there coming out with the 890FX!! Yeah I dont think I will need 6 cores lol, but they are realeasing a good spread of chips:

    Anyways, I read a big long page of info about the new Fermi's and it was to detailed for some one to make it up, let me look for it but,from what it said and the forums about it, the pixel rate is all Gtx 470, but as far as a whole ATI wins.
  20. Here it is the best and most convincing specs I an find about the GTX 400's
    I think that unless some one is crazy and spent that much time making stuff up is kinda a long shot, I would say atleast 80% of this is true, there is alot and it took me just under a hour to go through it all
  21. i always thought mirrors edge was the heaviest physx game.

    salt-city just wait for the reviews on the 470 before committing to buying it. it could be great, it could be ok, it could be bad. you only have to wait 6 more days to find out.
  22. Since I am an AMDer, its futile to go with Nvidia, the only thing it gots that I want is 3-D but my new Mitsubishi 60" that I am getting for myself on my Bday can play and PS3 and Xbox game in 3d pretty much so I can pass.
    I just don't think that I will want to pay for what they have when ATI already has it, ATI can lower for sure there more than they were when they cam out so they have tons of breathing room to lower prices for comptetion. I do like nvidias little video about teslation and all but its nothing a 5850 cant handle.
    I really want a 5850 cause it will git nicely in my computer, I could get a 5870 but it would fit with only .76 of an inch. But I didnt think about this till know, how long are 5850s with the cord( there dumb and put cord at the end instead of the side)?? Cause if the 5850 ends up being just as long then I might as well get a 5870. I am getting the Cm690 2, and they have a fan you can put on the HD cage, but I guess I can always mod it!
  23. Why not get a HAF-922 Intead? Can put 2 5970s in there, fits like a champ.
  24. I am pretty sure I can fit 3 5870's, there is 12 inchs of GPU room.
    I just would not add the fan on the HD cage.
    I just didn't want it to get too crowded.
  25. Are the 5870's 11inchs or 28cm? I always here there either that or there 30cm or12inchs which one is it?? Or does it depend on which one you get or all them the same?
  26. The stock, refernce ones are the same, but some (Vapor X) are longer and more expensive than that.

    They use custom boards, wich make sit longer.
  27. I found out last night which card I am getting, its a 5850 and they guarntee that it can clock as high as a 5870, cause it has more head room:
    Asus EAH5850 DirectCU TOP/2DIS/1GD5
    Theres a video and a worker from asus OCs it and shows the benchmarks and they were just as good as any 5870. and there new cooler is way sweeter than the stock cooler!!
  28. If it's more than 320$-340$ it's not worth it.
  29. I forgot the price they quoted but its around that price,
    why pay for a 5870 if you can just use software(which all comes with the package)
    The asus is a solid product I have read tons of reviews of all the cards, and there is always a problem with one but there wasn't any that I could find about the asus.
    It has 3 years coverage which is not bad, better than most.
    As a whole its a Superb Package, and can't wait for the new one.
  30. The 5850 has things disabled, so even if you can OC it to 5870 levels, It still loses.
  31. Alright I am not saying its going to smoke the 5870, but it will clock up to speeds and from what they say pass it. I honestly don't know if what they showed was 100% but I hope it is. Yeah they have locked shaders is what I think your talking about.
    I guess you just weigh price over quality, do you want to spend 395 on a 5870, or do you want 10-15% less stock 5850, for a 315? If you got the cash and the room for it yeah the 5870 is sweet. But for some the 5850 is the better deal, like me.
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