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hi all.
im having trouble getting my 3.6ghz overclock stable.
mb;asus m4a79xtd evo
cpu;amd p2 965be
cooler;freezer 7 pro (36 degrees idle on 3.5ghz)
ram;corsair vengeance 1600(1.5v)8gb
gpu;asus hd7770

i keep everything on auto except multiX18 and cpu volt at 1.3750.
running prime crashed to bsod after 30 seconds.
ive read most overclocking threads but cant match the oc others are getting
cheers in advance
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  1. Did you disable C1E and cool n'quiet and turbo core? Are your ram timings set correct? Your idle temperature doesn't matter much just what it is on load
  2. nope.ill disable them then reply.havnt seen turbo core though!
  3. i forgot to mention in my first post that when i was (or seemed stable on 3.7), whilst playing crysis my graphics card(i presume, as picture went)crashed too.
  4. ram timing are 9 9 9 24 btw
  5. Cool n'quiet and C1E will definitely be having an effect, have you read this guide its very good
  6. cheers.ill read the guide next.c1e is disabled and ill disable c & q.may i ask why these ahve an effect?
  7. well there power saving features and for them to be active they directly conflict with the idea of overclocking
  8. im up to stable 3.7 atm.researching finr tuning.using 3dmark.temps up to 46.
    the worrying thing is, as said in article u posted, that on auto cpu voltage its up to 1.5750.should i lower it per -1v till unstable then keep at lowest stable volt?
  9. yeah 1.57 is very high, its widely regarded 1.5v limit on air and 1.55v on a custom water loop, I'm not saying your chip will burn out or anything but you may be causing long term damage, I guess its up to you if its worth the risk or not but for 3.7ghz you should be looking at more like 1.45v, asus mobo's tend to try force stability by using high voltage if I was you overclocking I would manually set voltages
  10. update.i got stable 3.7 at 1.4500.max temps 58 on prime95 and heaven benchmark.
    i just kept to that guide and kept auto voltage on as it said.when stable the auto went down to 1.4500 volts so i then manually set it at that.
    im now on 3.8ghz at the same 1.4500 and the bizzare thing is my idle temps have dropped!!by aprx 4 degrees.mb temps dropped even lower also, 23 degrees.
    i appreciate all your advice and help.
    any changes or updates ill let you know after some more benchmarking.
  11. update;couldnt get stable 3.8.
    when playing crysis or bf3 graphics card temps went up till crashed.
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