2 OCZ Vertex 3 120gb in raid 0

Just lately my old DDR2 motherboard just quit..So it was time to upgrade..My motherboard i picked was the Asus Sabertooth which should be in soon...Long story short i also picked up a couple Ocz Vertex 3 120gb & plan to go raid 0.So what can i expect when it comes to performance also if i need extra storage i have a 1.5 Terabyte external Sata drive that will hook to my motherboard through a 6gb sataE port
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  1. Pretty damn good performance.

    I have the same SSD config as you and i haven't had a problem yet.

    Maps in Battlefield three load in a matter of seconds and Windows boots within 15 seconds for me. Office applications open in a blink of an eye.

    Just make sure that you install the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers for TRIM in RAID.
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