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For awhile now I have thought about building a water cooled PC, but I have no idea what needs to be on the shopping list. I would like to water cool the CPU, Memory, and Graphics. If there is anything else that could be water cooled, I would want to do that as well.

Can someone tell me what would be needed to water cool this?
Core i7-3930K
32GB+ Memory
GTX GeForce 680 (Where do you get the water cooled cards at?)

What size case would I need to support the water cooling hardware? I have been using mid-size cases for nearly a decade now, and not a big fan of super large cases.

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  1. ^ Yep, thats the place to start when your considering water-cooling. Might take a few reads for everything to click together.

    Also water-cooling memory is pointless, RAM just doesnt get hot anymore like it used to with DDR2.
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