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I never had a motherboard with integrated GPU but I want to buy one and I am wondering can integrated GPU be overclocked and how. The motherboard has a 780G chipset.
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  1. It can be done but it's not recommended, there'll be little to no improvement in performance and there's a good chance of frying the motherboard.
  2. Even if you were able to double the performance, you would probably only reach the level of a 50$ dedicated card. Not worth the risk/effort.
  3. It is not a problem to me to make and instal a beter cooling sistem for the chipset so overheating of the IGP will not be a problem. I know that IGP have very low performance but I am counting on hybrid crossfireX that 780G has. So descret and integrated GPU will render togeter just like ordinary crossfireX when you have two descret GPU. I was just houping to overcloock the IGP and inpruve grafic rendering of my PC alltogeder.
  4. Maybe it'll add a few(2-3) more fps to your discreet GPU performance while shorting the mobo lifespan considerably, and more likely to encounter driver problems.

    Not worth it I tell ya.
  5. Even then, save money by buying a board without IGP and not having to buy additional cooling and put that money toward either a better dedicated video card or extra cooling to OC that card more.
  6. Motherboards with IGP and without IGP of the same chipset series coast the same. And mean to by a cooling sistem for the chipset. I will make one, just like before. What is the poitn in overcloocking when everything it is not homemade. :) I know that I will not get much performanse with overcloocking IGP, I will do it just for hobby.
  7. There is absolutely no benefit in it, so why even bother? It's like trying to mod a tricycle to race against the 250cc motorcross class. Sure, you can spend money and time to actually make the tricycle better, but in the end, you are still gonna get lapped 20 times in the first 10 minutes of the race. Pointless.
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