Seagate 3TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

I bought a Seagate 3TB 2.0 external hard drive. Initially it would not work on my PC but with some help from the Seagate website I got my PC to recognise it but the HDD has been split into two partitions - a 2 TB one and a 800 gig one.

The 2TB works fine but I can't access the 800 gig - I go into Disk Management & if you right click on that volume, it gives you no options.

I was told it could be because of my motherboard not reecognising anything over 2TB & to get a BIOS upgrade but it seems one does not exist. The motherboard is Gigabyte P55-UD3.

Does anyone know how to get access to that other 800 gig because otherwise I am stuck with a 2 TB HDD but paid for 3 TB?

I am also using Windows 7 if that is needed.
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  1. Hi Keisha25, you can try with software called Paragon GPT Disk Manager™
  2. Thanks for the help - will try that when I get home tonight from work.

    I've also be told to use this - - anyone ever heard or tried using it?
  3. I use EASEUS quite a bit and I highly recommend it. I found it incredibly easy to use from the start and it's always worked perfectly.
  4. Easus did the trick & I've now fixed the hard drive. Thank-you everyone for your help & input.
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